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Custom Microphone Windscreens(Schulz) 

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Windscreen for Smartphone Microphone

Our Windshield, Windscreens are specifically designed to reduce the wind noise interference at low frequencies that often occurs when using a microphone or camcorders. It can effectively block these noises without compromising any of its other features and functions, while also providing a great aesthetic look in multiple colors compatible with almost all Smartphones like iPhone or any Android! Our product is crafted from premium materials here in Germany for quality assurance – get your accessories today and send us your feedback!

Windscreen for smartphone microphone 5,8″ WS 8912
Prices per piece before taxes.
Special windscreen for smartphones. SchulzFoam for the best sound quality. Dimensions (width x height x depth): 80mm x 60 x 42mm

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3pcs+ 15%
10pcs+ 30%
14.01 14.01 USD
Windscreen for smartphone microphone 5,8″ WS 8912
Special windscreen for smartphones. SchulzFoam for the best sound quality. Dimensions (width x height x depth): 80mm x 60 x 42mm
Decoration with vibrant colors and high-resolution printing of the latest generation.
2-sided print

Quantity Discount:
3pcs+ 15%
10pcs+ 30%
31.74 31.740000000000002 USD

How do microphone windscreens work? 

How do microphone A windbreak is intended to prevent linear air movements that are generated by wind or other disturbing noises.  The windscreen works by deflecting and redirecting the movement of the wind, but also by the structure of the mic windscreen. If the windjammer is uneven in structure and has a large surface area where many small turbulences can form, it will block the wind. A fur windscreen can provide even more protection against unwanted noise, since air movements are converted into mechanical energy by the fine hair of the fur.

How good can a windscreen protect against background noise?

Different types of windscreens provide different levels of protection. In addition, the manufacturer is also decisive when it comes to the quality of the wind protections.

However, it is possible to reduce wind noise by up to 70dB with extensive equipment without the desired audio frequency being damaged.

What are the disadvantages of a microphone windscreen?

The windscreen can cause a slight loss of loudness in higher frequencies. But the original levels can any time be reproduced in their original dynamical range. It can also happen that the fine dynamics of the signal will be deteriorated. The windscreen makes the microphone more conspicuous, larger, and also bulkier. So be careful and step a little closer to save audio dynamics.

Depending on the windscreen, the microphone may only be able to be operated to a limited extent. It can also happen that settings or mute buttons are hardly accessible. A microphone windscreen is not part of the standard equipment of a microphone and must be purchased separately.

Besides a microphone windscreen, what other options are there to improve the sound quality?

​There are other ways to protect a microphone from wind noise, e.g., with a sock or piece of fabric as a substitute windscreen.

However, these methods are not nearly as effective as using a real microphone windscreen.

It might happen that the audio loses high frequencies, or a permanent rustling can be heard in the recording. 

Do you only need a windscreen if you are recording outdoors?

No, microphone windscreens can also be helpful indoors. Wind protection is necessary wherever strong air movements hit the microphone. Even when speaking directly into the microphone, breathing noises or simply a loud pronunciation can lead to popping, smacking and crackling noises.

In addition, a pop protection, another type of wind protection, can also be used for singing or voice recordings.

Finally, the microphone itself can also cause wind, when swiveling around on a boom pole or when passing a hand-held microphone. So always keep one eye on the mic and the other one on your levels. 

What must be considered when using a microphone windscreen?

The wind force must be correctly estimated before recording, so check weather forecasts for your location for that day. It is better to estimate the wind force higher than lower.

It should be ensured that a suitable windscreen is used, which is tailored for the microphone type, so that it fits properly.

Furthermore, it is particularly important to ensure correct installation and a good fit so that the windscreen does not produce any accidental noise. You should also pay attention to all other types of background noise when recording outdoors.