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Our devision of specialty OEM products offers customized foam solutions  for a wide range of applications.

From sound reducing parts for the   automotive industry  to packaging, sealing and reduction of noise emission, you will find the right solution.

Based on the combination of our large   variety of technologies  and our inventory of German made, high-quality foams, so called SchulzFoams, we are able to fulfill nearly every wish. 

Holes,  2D-, 3D-, 4D-shapes , cutting, machining, pressing, stamping: You name it, we can do it.

Our  three printing technolgies  give you a unique choice of options to further increase the product with logos, codes or information.

Automotive industry 

For the automotive industry we produce tubes made of polyurethane foam with an outside diameter of 15 and 17mm in large batches. These are used, among other things, for the bowden cables in the seat units.

In addition we also manufacture individual pre-cut parts for product packaging and stamping parts made from reticulated foam in various shapes and sizes.

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