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Inter Bee Tokio

International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition  ​

NOV/14/2024 - NOV/16/2024

New at Schulze-Brakel: The Performance Windscreen DEADCAT

With our new product line, the DeadCat, we can finally provide a product that is able to deliver the best sound quality even in bad weather.

The acqusition of this product line from a major European specialist provided us with the  years of experience to provide a solution that exceeds your expectation.

Made in Germany with SchulzFoam.

personalized DeadCat

World's first: DeadCat with your name

To offer our customers the possibility to show their logo in the right light even in bad weather, we offer now the option to put any logo on a DeadCat.

We manufacture the final product completely on site in our production facility in Brakel, with your color of choice, your logo, your choice of surface finish with an unbeatable delivery time.

Company News:

Generation change, same quality

We are pleased to introduce our new CEO Jens-Uwe Rumsfeld.

Since Oct. 1st 2021 Schulze-Brakel GmbH has a new president and CEO. With him the company is led into a new future, where the best quality of our products is still always guaranteed. Through new innovative ideas our product range will be further expanded and improved to offer our customers the best solution for their requirements.
Jens-Uwe Rumsfeld

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