Product Handling Advise

Learn how to treat your Windscreen or your 'Schulz' properly.

Standard and Customized Windscreens are valuable pieces of equipment which are used to suppress wind an "plop" noises.

Usage:  The Windscreens must be handled carefully. Each Windscreen is manufactured for a particular type of microphone and should only be used for the microphones they are inteded for. Using a Windscreen a on larger microphone will cause damage to the Windscreen and logo.

Storage:  Humidity can undermine the durability of the logos. Never store a wet or hot Windscreen in an airtight plastic bag or closed case. If wet, allow the Windscreen to dry completely in free air. Similarly, allow to cool down in free air if it has become hot, as might be the case with studio lighting or other hot environments.

Cleaning:  Never use strong cleaning agents or hot water as both will damage the logos. When Windscreens have been soiled, the dirt can simply be wiped or brushed off. If very soiled, carefully use hand-warm water and gently wash the dirt off and let them dry.

One way of cleaning is to use our very own Desinfection Spray, specifically developed for our Standard and Customized Windscreens.

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Safety Advise

Read all instructions before using our products:
  • Our products are not suitable for children.

  • Do not put our products in the microwave.

  • Do not put our products in the oven.

  • Do not use our products for cooking.

  • Do not eat our products.

  • Do not cut up our products.

  • Do not use our products to wipe or wipe up anything.

  • Do not set fire to our products.

  • Do not use our products as silencers for weapons.

  • Do not insert our products into any body parts.

  • Do not use our products as filters.

  • Do not use our products as first aid.

  • Do not use our products in connection with chemicals.

  • Do not use our product if it is badly damaged, as the sound quality can no longer be guaranteed.