Deadcat for microphone use in wind and weather WJ 190 C

The original Schulze-Brakel DeadCat Performance Windscreen is refined to be used from normal up to extreme wind and weather conditions. The optimized combination of vegan fur with a SchulFoam heart filters safely wind-and plop noises while maintaining a natural sound. Fit most microphone with a diameter between 19 to 24mm.

Manufactured in our German production facility.

Foam Flag
Made from original SchulzFoam. Virtually indestructible. Lightweight and shock resistant. Decoration with bright colors and high definition print of the latest generation.
3-sided print

Dimensions (diameter x height): 100x35mm

Total length is 210mm, fur length 190mm. Fits f.ex. AKG C568. Audio Technica AT875R, AT897, BP4073. Azden SGM-1000, SGM-1x, SGM-2x Long. Beyer MCE86ii, EMX-86, MCE836. Edirol CS-50. Neumann KMR-81i, KMR-81MT, RSM-191. Rode - Røde NTG3. Roland CS-50. Sanken CMS10, CS1, CS2, CS3. Sennheiser ME66, MKH416, MKH418s, MKH60*, MKH8060. Sony C74.

* The MKH60 needs a special hole size.of 24mm Please state when ordering

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  • Fur Color
  • Height
  • Optional flocked surface for high-quality non reflecting finish
  • Color

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