Disinfection Spray for
the 'Schulz'

Get your specialized disinfection spray for your 'Schulz'
and help to protect the environment.

Kills enveloped viruses and bacteria (MERS, SARS, Corona)

With hygiene being a growing concern, the Schulze-Brakel team developped a disinfection solution which combines high safety and easy usability. Optimized for the original "Schulz".

The spray is applied with just two spray pumps, is actively  killing over 99% of virus and bacteria  without leaving any residue for maintaining the uncompromised function over a long period of time.

The product is  environmentaly friendly  and does not harm (Please refer to the safety information). 

How it works:

Apply two spray pumps in a 30 cm (11.81 inch) distance from the top left and right surface.  Allow 3 minutes for drying  and you are immediately ready to interview the next person without fearing any viruses or bacteria. 

Bottle contains up to  450 spray pumps .

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Disinfection Spray for the 'Schulz'